Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Girls Won This Time!

Girls won fishing derby last night and they were thrilled to say the least! You should have seen the pictures being taken of Butch and Susie. WOW! The guys handled the punishments well...It did rain a little last night after everyone was in their bunkhouse and it is very overcast today. Which, I have to say, makes for a perfect day! A little breeze, the sun behind the clouds! Perfect!
Tonight we have girls night guys night. It's always a fun night for the kids.
This has been a really fun camp to be with. The kids are so into everything we are doing. They are laughing and playing and making the week one of the best one's we've had if not the best!
We still covet you prayers so keep them coming. Thanks for letting us play with your children this week. They are awesome!

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