Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guys Won Fishing Derby!

Yes! It did rain yesterday but the kids were able to go to all 4 of their activities. The rain didn't slow us down at all! Last night, we had evening activities and the guys won the fishing derby which made them very excited! Today, the weather is beautiful. There is a great breeze blowing across the ranch and all the kids are enjoying their time here. Thanks for your prayers. I will try to keep you updated on the events. Tonight, we have girls night/guys night. Always a fun night.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hoe Down and Carnival Night

Last night was hoe down and it was a blast! We had an old time country hoe down and hamburgers in a back pasture on the ranch. Right before we loaded the wagons to go to the field, it rained. It cooled everything off and it made the whole night a huge success. 
Thanks to everyone for your prayers. We can't believe that this session is almost over. We really have had the best time with the campers this week. Tonight is carnival night and it is always the funnest night of the whole week. After carnival night, we have drama skits, the last devotions together, ministry time and graduation. It is a very full night. 
Thanks for visiting the blog. Hope you have enjoyed hearing about your campers this week and thank you so much for choosing Brookhill! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fishing Derby!

Well, it was a very interesting night here at Brookhill. We had our evening activities and of course, the most popular was the the fishing derby! It's a fishing competition between the girls and boys. For the first time in several summers, it was a tie! That almost never happens so it was very exciting. When it's a tie, the counselors have to bear the "punishments". You should have seen the counselors... they had a drawn 3rd eye on the forehead, a mustache, they had to walk like penguins... its was hysterical and the campers were truly enjoying the show!
Vespers were amazing and so many lives have already been touched. We appreciate your prayers. Keep them coming. Tonight we have girls block party and guys game night. It's always one of the funnest nights of the week.
Keep you updated soon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Camp 3!

Camp 2 was amazing! Thank you for all your prayers. The campers are arriving now for Camp 3 and we couldn't be more excited about the week. I try to post every morning so check back often for updates. Let's Rock Camp 3! LYNLEE

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girls Night/Guys Night

Last night we had Girls Night/Guys Night! It was so much fun. The boys had tournaments in the pavilion. Ping pong, basketball, fooseball etc... They also had the coke hut opened just for them. Meanwhile, the girls went to Fun Swim, boyless! It was so much fun. Then, the girls had a block party on girls hill. Party lights, lemonades, candy and a little sing off was all apart of the night. It was fantastic!
The weather has been wonderful! As soon as the sun goes down every evening, there has been a cool breeze for the evening activities. It really has been a wonderful week so far!
Thanks for following us on Blog Spot. Hope you are enjoying hearing all of our news!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It was a wonderful night!

Well, it was a perfect evening here at Brookhill. Here is a picture of the ranch last night during evening activites. You can see the kids coming out of Fun Swim. The sun was going down, there was a cool breeze blowing (which was wonderful), the ranch was filled with laughter and all was perfect!

This is a picture of the camp during the fishing derby results which, the girls won by the way!

Keep us in your prayers! We are having a blast!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Camp 2 Here we Go!!!!

Greetings All! Camp 2 campers are here and we are so excited for this week. It looks to be fantastic week weather wise and so far, all the campers are doing wonderfully! Tonight, we have dinner then evening activities. Check back soon for more details on this week. Thanks for your prayers everyone! LYNLEE

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Butch and Susie

 Camp 1 is in full session and it is going great! The campers are having a blast just like we knew they would! Thank you to everyone is thinking of us and praying for us this week. The weather has been spectacular... a cool breeze every moment of every day... a great cloud coverage. Wonderful time!
Well... what you've heard is true... We brought back the "Big Nasty"!
Butch and Susie have been the among the favorties of the week as always! here a couple of pictures to take you all back to the Good ol Days of Brookhill...

Keep us in your prayers. The campers are having a great time. There is still a few more spots in the later camps so call 501.623.5983 and we will see you soon.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Staff Training Week!

Staff Training week was the best one ever! There is a great staff this year and we can't wait for ya'll to meet them. Here is a picture of the staff during one of the meetings.

This is a picture of the girls staff at the end of the week dinner.
Overall, it was a great week and we can't wait for you all to be apart of a great summer. We look forward to seeing you soon.